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At Classic Legends, we love Classic Cars, cars we dreamed about in the past and which in one way or another made a special contribution to our automotive heritage.

Classic Cars are getting increasingly popular, which is not surprising, as they offer a completely different driving experience than modern cars and make driving a wonderful emotion!
No wonder that many people like to offer themselves the pleasure of a classic car.
In addition to driving pleasure, many classic cars also offer a fixed-value investment. And say for yourself, what could be nicer than investing in a nice classic car?

At Classic Legends we love to look for cars with a soul and a story, collectables that fulfill dreams for our customers.
We are also happy to find a suitable new owner for the car(s) that you would like to sell.


In our workshop in Waregem, we offer different services, going from regular maintenance and check-up of classic cars, to more complicated repair work and even complete restoration of valuable classic cars.

You are always welcome by appointment to come and have a look or to have a nice chat about our shared passion!


Your favourite classic car, always ready to go

Do you want to park your classic car safely and in ideal conditions?
Your car can be perfectly stored in the Classic Legends Hotel.
Various options are offered. Basic storage, car cover, battery charger, monthly check up and warm up, etc.

Contact us if you want more information.


We will find the car of your dreams

You would like a classic car, but you don’t feel comfortable in the search for it? No problem, we will look for the car that you want and that is worth your money. We will provide all the necessary information that allows you to make a well-considered choice. We are also happy to take care of all necessary documents such as import, inspection and registration.

We sell your Classic Car

Classic Legends is the ideal partner to sell your classic car. We take care of preparing your car for sale, prepare a representative sales file and will offer it on the market through our proper network and other sales channels.
All this is done discreetly, you do not have to worry about it, nevertheless you know that every effort is made to sell your car efficiently.

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